Phillips Pet Supplies – Discount Pet Superstore

Phillips Pet Supplies – Discount Pet Superstore


Discount Pet Superstore, based in Newcastle, faced a significant challenge with rising energy costs threatening the viability of their business. With energy bills skyrocketing, business owner Rob Phillips, had to make tough decisions, including reducing the store’s product range and staff hours to manage costs. 

Challenges Faced: 

The store, spanning 13,000 sq ft on Brinkburn Street, Byker, specialises in pet foods, in particular raw dog foods. Rob knew he had to take action to manage his energy expenses. After witnessing neighbouring businesses opt for solar PV installations to generate their electricity, he reached out to the Economic Development Team at Newcastle City Council to see if there was any support available. 

Solution Provided: 

Rob found assistance through the BEST project, an energy efficiency business support programme delivered by Newcastle City Council’s Energy Services and Economic Development Teams. With their guidance, Rob received a comprehensive energy audit to explore feasible solutions for the property. The audit confirmed that installing solar PV would significantly benefit the business, potentially providing 75 – 80% self-sufficiency in energy needs. 

Implementation and Results: 

Following the installation of solar PV in October, Discount Pet Superstore witnessed immediate benefits. The store has saved approximately 5000 kWh of electricity, translating to £3,500 – £4,000 in energy expenditure over the 5 month period. Moreover, the solar panels have generated 11,500 kWh of electricity, with business consumption at 7,000 kWh for the same period. The surplus energy generated can be sold back to the grid, offering an additional revenue stream. 


’We’d reached a critical point in the business with energy costs too high to maintain our current product range and staffing. Having cut back where we could, I needed a long term solution that gave me control of my costs and security for the future. Investing in the solar pv system was a no brainer, the results have been fantastic, and that’s over the winter period. We’re already selling energy back to the grid, and this will only increase over the summer months. I couldn’t encourage other businesses more to get in touch with BEST and see what can work for their business too.’’ 

‘’Without the switch to solar pv, we wouldn’t be able to offer our customers the level of choice and range of products we have been able to bring back and expand on, says owner Rob. ‘’This has been a great experience for our business and with the help of BEST, we’ve been able to access grant funding and guidance through the process. We’re now looking at what else we can do to improve our business, such as installing EV charge points’’ 

Financial Support and Future Plans: 

Discount Pet Superstore received a grant from BEST towards the investment, along with advice on enhancing energy efficiency within the premises. With energy costs no longer hindering business operations, the business has reinstated popular offerings like tropical fish and expanded the stock of raw foods. The store plans to further increase its range of raw dog foods to meet increasing customer demand. They are considering installing EV charge points to continue their commitment to sustainability. 


Discount Pet Superstore’s success story serves as a testament to the transformative potential of renewable energy investments for businesses. Through strategic collaboration with local initiatives like BEST, businesses can not only mitigate financial challenges, but also contribute to environmental sustainability while enhancing their offerings and customer satisfaction. 

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