Energy efficiency is beneficial for several reasons: save energy, save the environment. In the long run it can help prevent climate change, protect the air, conserve limited natural resources and save ecosystems and animals.

But when running a business, energy efficiency is perhaps motivated by the effect it has on the organisations bottom line. The Carbon Trust estimates a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% boost in sales in many businesses, so improving your energy efficiency is well worth investing time and money in. (Carbon Trust, 2019).

Becoming more energy efficient doesn’t have to cost your business, it has been suggested that most businesses could cut their energy costs by at least 10% with just a few straight forward changes to the workplace. To help you get started on improving things, we’ve created a list of easy day to day changes you and your employees can implement…

1. Turn off lights when room is vacant

Simple, effective, and unfortunately often under-utilised. No matter how good our intentions, most of us forget to turn off the lights when we leave a room. Running a ‘switch it off’ campaign involving educating employees is an easy way to raise the issue.

This also goes for lights being left on after working hours

2. Limit the use of artificial lighting, use natural light

Artificial lights consume power, natural light is free. So, limit the use of artificial lighting to the dark areas in the workplace.

An easy win, at no cost.


3. Get the brews in

Getting a round of tea and coffee for your team doesn’t just make you look good; it also helps to save energy. By boiling the kettle just once and making 5 or 6 drinks, you’ll save the energy used to re-boil.

4. Use the hibernation feature on all computers

Advise your employees to put their computers in hibernation mode if they take a break or go to a meeting. This feature allows users to save existing work as it is and continue working from the same point. A computer that’s hibernating uses about the same amount of power as a computer that’s shut down.

5. Control your heating and cooling

Keeping your office temperature one degree down during winters and one degree up during summers can reduce the power it uses by up to 10%.


By considering these small, but crucial steps above you’ll be able to see immediate changes in your energy bill within a short period of time.


Little changes can go a long way, but is your business looking for larger solutions? An energy audit is a good way to identify ways you can save more energy in your day to day operations. Our free energy support is available to any local SME in any sector, providing impartial advice about how investing in your building and production equipment can reduce energy consumption, and in turn save money.

Have you ever considered investing in making your business more energy efficient? It seems like everyone is going green these days. Is it because it’s the trendy thing to do, or are there hidden benefits that you can reap for your company?

The benefits of energy efficiency seem obvious, save the environment whilst also saving your business money. However, if you dig a little deeper, energy efficiency has a lot of overlooked benefits…


1. Increase the market value of your business

One important thing to keep in mind about creating a more energy efficient business is that other companies and investors find it appealing. Not only are sustainable energy methods going to help you save money, but they are also going to increase the market value of your business. Participating in energy efficiency says a lot about your business practices.

Investing in energy efficiency shows that you care about business, your people, your finances and the environment. You will also appreciate investing sustainable energy sources if you are to move or sell your business.

Energy efficiency = higher market value.


2. Energy efficiency improves your brand image

An efficient image isn’t everything, but it can you when it comes to building your business and growing your brand. Energy efficiency, sustainability, and protecting the environment are hot topics right now. And you can gain a lot of respect from your clients and customers by being energy conscious.

Consumers are increasingly likely to shift spending to businesses that can show positive environmental actions. (ECORYS, 2014). Meaning, whether a company is environmentally conscious or environmentally illiterate could mean their success or failure. Showing your customers that you are environmentally responsible is an excellent way to build word of mouth and gain more customers.


3. Increase the health and performance of your team

Your employees are your greatest asset, look after them. Small changes like changing to a softer, natural energy-efficient lighting can greatly benefit the health of your staff by giving them a more comfortable working environment. Energy efficient natural lighting has even been shown to make your employees happier and more productive at work. Doing simple things like making sure the office is well insulated and having energy efficient heating controls can do wonders for the health and happiness of your team.


Little changes can go a long way, but is your business looking for larger solutions? An energy audit is a good way to identify ways you can save more energy in your day to day operations. Our free energy support is available to any local SME in any sector, providing impartial advice about how investing in your building and production equipment can reduce energy consumption, and in turn save money.

The secret to reducing energy consumption in the workplace is getting your employees on board. With increasing emphasis on rising energy prices, CO2 legalisation and consumers making ethical purchasing decisions, there are many compelling reason why your business should engage employees in energy saving and sustainability.

Energy saving behaviour is all about making small changes in your employees daily habits at work.  Yet often, change can be challenge for some employees. Therefore creating the right strategy is essential. Presenting the change as positive, reminding them that the business will thrive and it will benefit them personally is a great starting point.

Here are some ways to begin saving energy at work by engaging your employees in a subtle way:

1. Share the vision  

Before employees can implement green strategies, it helps if they understand how their choices affect company costs and the environment. Do they know the biggest energy-draining habits in the work place? How can their help benefit the company and further?

2. Get staff involved

Involving your employees by asking for their suggestions and making them responsible for specific goals, such as ensuring all unnecessary electronics are switched off before the weekend, will engage them more in the initiative.

3. Create marketing materials

Involve staff in creating an energy policy then follow up with reminders such as posters, displays, stickers on equipment and light switches.

Simple, yet an effective reminder.

4. Upgrade equipment

Not only does new equipment tend to be more energy efficient, but when employees see the business investing in these appliances, they take note. Making moves like this within the company can cause a workplace culture shift in an energy-efficient direction.

5. Be an example

Lead the way for employees by demonstrating energy efficient behaviour. When employees see managers practicing conversation, they are more likely to do it themselves. When everyone in the business works together, energy saving behaviour becomes the norm instead of a burden.


Thinking about taking energy saving further?

Is your business thinking about…

Having a energy efficiency audit?

Replacing inefficient lighting?

Upgrading to more energy efficient equipment?

Installing solar PV?

BEST provides comprehensive services in free energy auditing and grant support. So whether you know what you want to do, or are just curious, get in touch today.

As winter approaches and energy prices remain high, the Business Energy Saving Team (BEST) project is back to provide energy advice and guidance to local businesses in Northumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle and Gateshead. Funded by the UK Government Shared Prosperity Funding, the project has been awarded £0.8m through the North of Tyne Combined Authority to supported businesses until March 2025, and a further £230,000 to support those operating in the Gateshead Borough. BEST is focusing on empower businesses and organisations to enhance their energy efficiency, reduce costs, and lower their carbon footprint.
Building upon the success of the previous European funded BEST project, BEST is well-positioned to offer tailored energy efficiency support to businesses of all sizes in the region. The program offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses optimise their energy usage and make sustainable choices:
1. Cost-Effective Solutions: BEST offers advice on low-cost and no-cost best practices to minimise energy consumption and reduce operational costs.
2. On-Site Energy Audits: For a more in-depth analysis, businesses can benefit from on-site energy audit reviews to identify potential energy-saving opportunities.
3. Large-Scale Energy Monitoring: BEST can assist with the implementation of large-scale energy monitoring systems and provide recommendations for significant energy efficiency improvements.
All support provided is customised to fit the unique needs and scale of each organisation, ensuring that businesses can make informed decisions regarding their energy efficiency initiatives.
One of BEST’s key offerings is the opportunity for organisations to receive a grant contribution up to 40% toward energy efficiency improvements, making it easier for businesses to prioritise cost savings and enhance their resilience in the face of rising energy prices.
Beyond cost savings, BEST is on a mission to help local businesses reduce their carbon footprint. With environmental consciousness on the rise and consumers seeking out eco-friendly businesses, BEST supports organisations in making sustainable choices that align with their values and attract environmentally conscious customers.
“We are excited to continue our journey of helping local businesses thrive while reducing their energy costs and environmental impact. BEST is not just about saving money; it’s about making responsible choices for a sustainable future. Reducing our carbon impact is a key priority for local authorities in our region, and we are proud to be leading this project with our local authority neighbours to help our local businesses make positive changes that will benefit us all”, David Orr, BEST Project Manager.

On the 5th March we celebrate World Energy Efficiency Day. The initiative, which emerged in Austria during the First International Meeting on Energy Efficiency, aims to sensitize people on the need to reduce energy consumption by reasonable and sustainable energy use. It was then decided to adopt the day to remind the rest of the world about the importance of energy efficiency.

Contrary to what many people think, improving energy efficiency by decreasing our energy use does not mean compromising comfort and our quality of life. Enhancing energy efficiency is based on optimising production processes and energy consumption, using renewable energy sources, promoting responsible consumption and recycling, among others. The reality is that the benefits of energy efficiency results in a greater well-being for citizens, increased security and major benefits for the environment with significant co2 savings.

There are many simple actions we can do all year long, not only on the 5th March: use daylight hours for tasks that require more lighting, turn off lights and electrical devices when they’re not in use, replace old appliances for A certification new ones and use them rationally, prioritise public transport, etc. In addition to the environmental benefits, these actions will lead to economic savings for our pocket.

There are many simple actions we can do all year long, not only on March 5: use daylight hours for our tasks that require more lighting, turn off lights and electrical devices when we’re not using them, replace old appliances for A certification new ones and use them rationally, prioritize public transport or bicycle, etc. In addition to the environmental benefits, these actions will lead to economic savings for our pocket.


With World Energy Efficiency Day just around the corner (5th March), you might be asking yourself what more can we do to make a substantial difference. Can you be more efficient? Maybe you already have energy saving lightbulbs at home, or solar panels at work, or an electric car in your garage. Or maybe you don’t have any of those things but still feel there’s something  you could do to create a positive impact and be more energy efficient. Maybe the real question isn’t what you can buy, but rather, what you could read.

Today we’re going to discuss different helpful online publications that could positively influence your energy habits.

1. GreenBiz

Since 1991, GreenBiz has been one the leading publications that combines business, technology, and sustainability. It can appeal to a wide variety of readers from all fields because, inclusive, quality information is what they really strive for. From its website to different events and peer-to-peer networking and research, GreenBiz is a great way to stay informed.

2. Breaking Energy 

Breaking Energy is an online publication founded in 2011, originally AOL Energy, the site allows for easy understanding of sometimes complicated subjects. Although the name has changed, the access to engrossing content has remained the same. With access to news, expert opinions, reference materials and discussions related to the latest topics in the energy market trends, Breaking Energy is a phenomenal source for anyone to obtain information.

3. Green Tech Media 

Green Tech Media is a wonderful online resource for all things energy-efficiency. With different sections for solar, grid edge, storage, and wind energy, amongst many others, they provide you with a variety of information from projects, units, optimization, and policies. They even have a weekly podcasts on global energy transformation, providing insights into the latest technology, markets and projects.

All in all, it’s a great site for gathering in-depth market analysis, business-to-business news and conferences, informing and connecting people through clean energy, all from professional journalists and contributors.

4. Energy Manager Today 

Energy Manager Today is a publication with a website, research, daily newsletter and social media platforms aimed towards corporate executives involved in energy management. The publication features:

  • Daily news stories written by in-house staff writers and editors
  • Daily email newsletter sent to opt-in email list
  • Daily columns written by industry experts
  • Exclusive Webinars
  • Research Reports
  • Educational Videos
  • Various Case Studies
  • Microsites
  • A Job Board
  • White Paper Library
  • Data

The reader who most benefit from Energy Manager Today’s publications are typically energy directors and managers, who develop and oversee energy strategies for plants, distribution centers, corporate/government facilities, retails/restaurants and public spaces with the goal of reducing energy consumption and costs.

An added benefit of this publications is its user participation feature. Readers can review and recommend all sorts of new technology being implemented in the sector related to efficient and renewable energy.



When it comes to energy efficiency staying informed is key, but is your business looking for larger solutions? An energy audit is a good way to identify ways you can save more energy in your day to day operations. Our free energy audits are available to any local SME in any sector, providing impartial advice about how investing in your building and production equipment can reduce energy consumption, and in turn save money.


Being aware of how your business uses energy and, more importantly, where your business wastes energy, will make a difference to your bottom line. However, businesses must involve both employees and owners in efforts to save energy, a common solution for integration is an Energy Awareness Campaign.

An energy awareness campaign is the name typically given to a series of activities which raise the importance of energy saving actions within the workplace. The key factor to an energy awareness campaign is that it should be personal to you, your business, your employees and your needs. In the way no two businesses are the same, no two energy awareness campaigns should be the same; it depends entirely on your needs. Leading to our first suggestion:

1. Identify your energy needs

Generic campaigns are rarely effective because employees often struggle to recognise the relevance of them. The important factor here is to build a campaign specific to your needs and your employees.

If you have any doubts or you would like further guidance regarding your energy needs, you can contact the BEST team for impartial advice, a fully funded energy audit and energy efficiency grant support.

2. Outline the benefits

A previously mentioned, staff are more likely to comply with your strategies if they understand how it will affect them. Everyone knows that saving energy is a good thing, but most people will only be motivated when you can demonstrate just how much energy they are wasting, and just how much potential there is for them to improve.

Reducing energy consumption can lead to a healthier workplace, improved productivity, a reduced carbon footprint, an improved company image and a major savings for the business.

3. Communicating the message

Familiarity is a feature often overlooked. Incorporating the messages of your energy awareness campaign into the communication streams employees are already familiar with will increase the likelihood of your information being accessed.

  • Emails- keep them short and keep the messages consistent
  • Posters- can be effective if their locations are altered regularly and visuals are kept up to date
  • Internal newsletter updates
  • Ensure energy efficiency is on team meeting agendas
  • Suggestion schemes and staff competitions
  • Notice boards


Energy awareness campaigns work year-round to promote energy conservation and environmental consciousness. Implementing such campaign has many proven benefits, but if you’re looking to make larger changes, contact BEST for more information.