Surprising benefits of having an energy efficient business

Surprising benefits of having an energy efficient business

Have you ever considered investing in making your business more energy efficient? It seems like everyone is going green these days. Is it because it’s the trendy thing to do, or are there hidden benefits that you can reap for your company?

The benefits of energy efficiency seem obvious, save the environment whilst also saving your business money. However, if you dig a little deeper, energy efficiency has a lot of overlooked benefits…


1. Increase the market value of your business

One important thing to keep in mind about creating a more energy efficient business is that other companies and investors find it appealing. Not only are sustainable energy methods going to help you save money, but they are also going to increase the market value of your business. Participating in energy efficiency says a lot about your business practices.

Investing in energy efficiency shows that you care about business, your people, your finances and the environment. You will also appreciate investing sustainable energy sources if you are to move or sell your business.

Energy efficiency = higher market value.


2. Energy efficiency improves your brand image

An efficient image isn’t everything, but it can you when it comes to building your business and growing your brand. Energy efficiency, sustainability, and protecting the environment are hot topics right now. And you can gain a lot of respect from your clients and customers by being energy conscious.

Consumers are increasingly likely to shift spending to businesses that can show positive environmental actions. (ECORYS, 2014). Meaning, whether a company is environmentally conscious or environmentally illiterate could mean their success or failure. Showing your customers that you are environmentally responsible is an excellent way to build word of mouth and gain more customers.


3. Increase the health and performance of your team

Your employees are your greatest asset, look after them. Small changes like changing to a softer, natural energy-efficient lighting can greatly benefit the health of your staff by giving them a more comfortable working environment. Energy efficient natural lighting has even been shown to make your employees happier and more productive at work. Doing simple things like making sure the office is well insulated and having energy efficient heating controls can do wonders for the health and happiness of your team.


Little changes can go a long way, but is your business looking for larger solutions? An energy audit is a good way to identify ways you can save more energy in your day to day operations. Our free energy support is available to any local SME in any sector, providing impartial advice about how investing in your building and production equipment can reduce energy consumption, and in turn save money.

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