You Are What You Read: Energy Efficiency

You Are What You Read: Energy Efficiency

With World Energy Efficiency Day just around the corner (5th March), you might be asking yourself what more can we do to make a substantial difference. Can you be more efficient? Maybe you already have energy saving lightbulbs at home, or solar panels at work, or an electric car in your garage. Or maybe you don’t have any of those things but still feel there’s something  you could do to create a positive impact and be more energy efficient. Maybe the real question isn’t what you can buy, but rather, what you could read.

Today we’re going to discuss different helpful online publications that could positively influence your energy habits.

1. GreenBiz

Since 1991, GreenBiz has been one the leading publications that combines business, technology, and sustainability. It can appeal to a wide variety of readers from all fields because, inclusive, quality information is what they really strive for. From its website to different events and peer-to-peer networking and research, GreenBiz is a great way to stay informed.

2. Breaking Energy 

Breaking Energy is an online publication founded in 2011, originally AOL Energy, the site allows for easy understanding of sometimes complicated subjects. Although the name has changed, the access to engrossing content has remained the same. With access to news, expert opinions, reference materials and discussions related to the latest topics in the energy market trends, Breaking Energy is a phenomenal source for anyone to obtain information.

3. Green Tech Media 

Green Tech Media is a wonderful online resource for all things energy-efficiency. With different sections for solar, grid edge, storage, and wind energy, amongst many others, they provide you with a variety of information from projects, units, optimization, and policies. They even have a weekly podcasts on global energy transformation, providing insights into the latest technology, markets and projects.

All in all, it’s a great site for gathering in-depth market analysis, business-to-business news and conferences, informing and connecting people through clean energy, all from professional journalists and contributors.

4. Energy Manager Today 

Energy Manager Today is a publication with a website, research, daily newsletter and social media platforms aimed towards corporate executives involved in energy management. The publication features:

  • Daily news stories written by in-house staff writers and editors
  • Daily email newsletter sent to opt-in email list
  • Daily columns written by industry experts
  • Exclusive Webinars
  • Research Reports
  • Educational Videos
  • Various Case Studies
  • Microsites
  • A Job Board
  • White Paper Library
  • Data

The reader who most benefit from Energy Manager Today’s publications are typically energy directors and managers, who develop and oversee energy strategies for plants, distribution centers, corporate/government facilities, retails/restaurants and public spaces with the goal of reducing energy consumption and costs.

An added benefit of this publications is its user participation feature. Readers can review and recommend all sorts of new technology being implemented in the sector related to efficient and renewable energy.



When it comes to energy efficiency staying informed is key, but is your business looking for larger solutions? An energy audit is a good way to identify ways you can save more energy in your day to day operations. Our free energy audits are available to any local SME in any sector, providing impartial advice about how investing in your building and production equipment can reduce energy consumption, and in turn save money.


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