Creating an Energy Awareness Campaign

Creating an Energy Awareness Campaign

Being aware of how your business uses energy and, more importantly, where your business wastes energy, will make a difference to your bottom line. However, businesses must involve both employees and owners in efforts to save energy, a common solution for integration is an Energy Awareness Campaign.

An energy awareness campaign is the name typically given to a series of activities which raise the importance of energy saving actions within the workplace. The key factor to an energy awareness campaign is that it should be personal to you, your business, your employees and your needs. In the way no two businesses are the same, no two energy awareness campaigns should be the same; it depends entirely on your needs. Leading to our first suggestion:

1. Identify your energy needs

Generic campaigns are rarely effective because employees often struggle to recognise the relevance of them. The important factor here is to build a campaign specific to your needs and your employees.

If you have any doubts or you would like further guidance regarding your energy needs, you can contact the BEST team for impartial advice, a fully funded energy audit and energy efficiency grant support.

2. Outline the benefits

A previously mentioned, staff are more likely to comply with your strategies if they understand how it will affect them. Everyone knows that saving energy is a good thing, but most people will only be motivated when you can demonstrate just how much energy they are wasting, and just how much potential there is for them to improve.

Reducing energy consumption can lead to a healthier workplace, improved productivity, a reduced carbon footprint, an improved company image and a major savings for the business.

3. Communicating the message

Familiarity is a feature often overlooked. Incorporating the messages of your energy awareness campaign into the communication streams employees are already familiar with will increase the likelihood of your information being accessed.

  • Emails- keep them short and keep the messages consistent
  • Posters- can be effective if their locations are altered regularly and visuals are kept up to date
  • Internal newsletter updates
  • Ensure energy efficiency is on team meeting agendas
  • Suggestion schemes and staff competitions
  • Notice boards


Energy awareness campaigns work year-round to promote energy conservation and environmental consciousness. Implementing such campaign has many proven benefits, but if you’re looking to make larger changes, contact BEST for more information.

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